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Paw Paw Waffle Recipe for Breakfast or Sunday Brunch

Paw Paw Palooza Waffle Party
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I love to surprise my friends with unusual menu items. Paw Paw Waffles certainly are out of the ordinary. If you are wondering What is a Paw Paw or Pawpaw? where have you been? This is Paw Paw Palooza week at Friends Drift Inn.

Monday, I got up at 5 AM. This is significant as I do not “do” mornings. I packed up my tote and headed up the hill to Peach Orchard, dismounting at the East Kentucky Broadcasting studios. In my bag of goodies, paw paw waffles to be served with paw paw ice cream recipe.

Paw Paw Waffles Gobbled up at East Kentucky Broadcasting Stations

Giving radio talent ice cream for breakfast tends to bring smiles. I was fortunate enough to appear on WDHR Day Break, The Oldies Station, Coal Country, and Z Rock all before 8 am and no one had to die! Giggles It was a good way to start the week.

Paw paw puree can be frozen and used all year. It is especially suited for quick breads like muffinsand the breakfast favorite of Belgian Waffles. This recipe makes a light textured waffle full of fall fragrances. Your kitchen will smell like exotic spices!I served the waffles in quarter slices, dollopped with paw paw ice cream, drizzled with warm maple syrup with a smattering of pecans.

These waffles do not freeze as well as my Honey Pumpkin Waffles, but they are so good I doubt you will have any problem devouring them all. Especially with ice cream! Giggles

Make this recipe for Sunday Brunch and surprise the breakfast crowd!

Paw Paw Palooza
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