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Paw Paw Ice Cream Recipe Served on a Belgian Pawpaw Waffle

We are celebrating the Paw Paw harvest here in Appalachia. What is a paw paw? I am so glad you asked. Is paw paws a big trend? Yes indeed, why do you think Kentucky hosts the International Paw Paw Conference? Got Pawpaws? I’ll be sharing a Paw paw waffle recipe

Paw Paw Palooza – Light Creamy Ice Cream

Bourbon Heritage Month

I have a confession. We have been in the big red barn for nearly three years and we still do not have all the boxes unpacked. I have been looking for my ice cream freezer for a couple of weeks. Finally, I just gave up and called my friend Rhoda.

Chef Sean Brock shares a laugh with Madonna and Rhoda

Rhoda is in our dance group. Rhoda is in the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters. Rhoda is a food enthusiast who makes road trips fun. She was one of “Three Days in Charleston SC” compadres.

Rhoda had an ice cream maker. She also had some extra paw paws. Did I mention Rhoda is one of my best friends? Giggles

Paw Paw Ice Cream is surprising light and creamy. The paw paws give an interesting texture, with little chunks of banana citrus surprise. Paw pPaws have a short season and a short shelf life, but if you go forage some they can be peeled, deseeded, run through the food processor and frozen for later.

Paw paw ice Cream is even more amazing when garnished with a few pecans. If you want to be very bold black walnuts. I like it with a little maple syrup over the top.

Paw Paw Recipes

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