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Paw Paw Jam Recipe Fall Fruit Food Preservation
This is part of my Paw Paw Palooza series. If you have no idea what a pawpaw is START HERE

Sometimes one has to pay the price; especially when Paw Paw poor. I received a large sack of Paw Paws on the condition that I make Paw Paw jam.

Paw Paw Palooza

Paw Paw Jam is a new one on me; but I like a challenge. Because Paw Paws are a short season crop, and even here in the Mountains they are hard to come by …I was unable to make this recipe several times perfecting the recipe. It was a one shot deal; but I am definitely not disappointed.
Pawpaw Jam Recipe Food Preservation Canning

This Jam is a soft product, very spreadable. The mouth feel is buttery; the flavors sweet with warm spicy undertones. A little bourbon and brown sugar adds some caramel notes.

I am still contemplating what twists I can come up with for serving this seasonal jam. I love it just spread on whole wheat bread as a midnight snack. A spoonful dolloped onto pancakes and sprinkled with a few pecans…coupled with maple syrup is an amazing way to start the weekend.

This jam recipe…I think I will keep it. Giggles

Would I change anything?

Maybe. I followed instructions from Group Recipes which calls for the addition of pectin. I suspect if cooked down properly, the pectin could be omitted. With my time constraints, I just was not willing to take that gamble.

Paw Paw Jam, it makes a big batch….. you’ll want to share it with close friends.

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