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Today’s Appalachian News Express features a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe with Orange Zest, an indulgence that makes all the summer squash piling up here at the barn worthwhile. That recipe will appear on this blog Friday.

Sunny Colors – Marmalade Spread

More Concentrated Flavor Than Jam

In case you are wondering, yellow squash lemon marmalade is amazing! Truly, I looked at Charlie like he was nuts when he suggested this recipe. If you could see the pile of yellow squash on the kitchen table, you would know we are desperate for innovative summer squash recipes.

When I tell you we have picked bushels, and bushels, and then some more bushels I am not kidding. Jake says it a golden treasure. And this is only the “first flush.” For the uninitiated, that means there is more to come! Lots more!

Poor Charlie has had zucchini soup, zucchini fried, zucchini stuffed, and zucchini grilled. He’s a good sport. He even made zucchini fritter pancakes, which we had for breakfast. (Don’t laugh, they were really good and I’ll post the recipe in a day or so) I am a walking encyclopedia of Zucchini Recipes.

As Charlie surfed the net, he happened upon Tigress. If you follow Tigress in a Jam, well you know she is definitely unusual. Giggles
Thicker than jam, Yellow Summer Squash Marmalde with Lemons

But she had this recipe for green zucchini jam with lemon. Charlie thought I could adopt the jam recipe for yellow squash, and he was right.

I knew I had a winner when chef Jeremy Ashby posted a facebook photo of a jar of my jam spread served to his kitchen staff with fresh farmers cheese. YUM!

This winter, I think this squash marmalade may see some action as a cake or pastry filling. But until then, pass me a biscuit!

This is a two day process. Don’t fret. In the evening after you pick, go ahead and get the squash coarsely grated and the lemons finely sliced. The next morning, they will be ready for completing this recipe.

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