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Kentucky Burgoo A Comfort Food anytime of year

What Can I say about Burgoo? – Kentucky Derby Party Week

One of my favorite pieces of Louisville Stoneware is emblazoned with the words

Kentucky Burgoo is the most famous of all Kentucky Derby dishes, originally a concoction of wild squirrel, rabbit, groundhog, fowl, and vegetables cooked over wood fires in giant kettles…dates back to Civil War Days

Now I take a little issue with that, as I associate burgoo with fall horse racing meets at Keeneland, the autumn stump speaking down at Fancy Farm, and the Anderson County “Burgoo Festival” held in September.

But that’s not the point. Burgoo is a rich stew, nowadays made mostly with lamb, beef and chicken and a mélange of vegetables. It is one of those dishes that vary from cook to cook, and region to region.

Charlie and I make burgoo in huge batches and freeze for crock pot cooking on days when we are expecting guests, but have little time for cooking.Charlie is not a fan of lamb, so we use chicken and beef. Occassionally we throw in some venison if we have it. There are as many variations of burgoo, as there are Kentucky cooks.

Master Chef, Albert Schmid comments in his The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook:

Burgoo should be made in stages; cook the meat first, and then add the vegetables.
No less than 4-6 hours should be devoted to making burgoo.
Burgoo should contain more than one meat.

Be it Kentucky Derby Time or fall harvest, Kentucky Burgoo is a hearty heaping of hospitality….truly comfort food.

Corn Meal Muffins Recipe Easy Picnic Recipe to pair with Salads and Soups

I suggest serving Corn Meal Muffins or    Honey Corn Cakes or maybe Easy Spicy Cheese Straws with your cup of burgoo. ENJOY!

This recipe takes 12 to 14 hours cook time, but it is so worth it!

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