Yellow Eyed Beans Makes Hearty Luncheon Salad

Warm Yellow Eyed Beans served over fresh spring greens

No Skinny Rabbits Here!

Heirloom Bean and Spring Mixed Greens Salad

I crave salads in winter. But sometimes I want something a little more hearty than a “Rabbit’s Ration” of endive. Seriously, feed me already!

Last week for Meatless Monday, I blogged about my affinity for Yellow Eyed Bean Soup. This Meatless Monday I take the protein rich legumes a step further.

Quick Warm Bean Salad

Line a bowl with some fresh spring greens. Hopefully, you’ve grown these yourself. It’s easy!

Next, warm up some leftover white beans. I like Yellow Eyed beans leftover from Heirloom Beans: Great Recipes for Dips and Spreads, Soups and Stews, Salads and Salsas, and Much More from Rancho Gordo inspired Senate Bean Soup Recipe but cannellini beans would work too.

Ladle up a cup or so of warmed heirloom beans over greens.You may want to drain off the potlikker – or not. Your call.

Garnish with pickled peppers and perhaps a light shredding of a mild cheese.

Sometimes I like a few ribbons of preserved lemons.

Here in the barn , we add a dash of homemade hot sauce to this type of salad…but that’s up to you!

Hope you honey bunnies enjoy!

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