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Tomato Gravy Recipe inspired by The Capitol Grill Chefs Cole Ellis and Tyler Brown

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Gravy from the Garden

Every region has its food culture. Biscuits, it is as much a part of our foodways as any one item I can think of. Cathead biscuits, beaten biscuits, angel biscuits, buttermilk biscuits     and pumpkin biscuits. If we are going to be talking warm pillows of flavor SIGN ME UP!

Biscuits are so revered in the Upper South that Knoxville has built a festival around them! I just got back from the Southern Food Writing Conference sponsored by the International Biscuit Festival.

Man do I love biscuits!

My favorite biscuits are the ones Charlie stirs up. They are not as light and fluffy as some but are substantial enough to hold sops of gravy without turning into goo. Sunday mornings we always have biscuits and sausage gravy; it’s a tradition that goes back generations.

On special occasions, I have come to embrace Chocolate Gravy drizzled over buttermilk biscuits baked in bacon drippings. It is a real treat!

Garden fresh heirloom tomatoes

Tomato Gravy on the other hand is not something I am familiar with. My family did not make it. Charlie’s family did not make it.


But I love tomatoes; evidenced by the 200 plants growing in my garden. I like slices of fresh tomatoes on biscuits, with a dab of mayonnaise and crispy bacon strips. Tomatoes and biscuits can be friends; so tomato gravy…well why not?


Breakfast at the Southern Food Writing Conference was served up by chefs Cole Ellis and Tyler Brown of The Capitol Grille. The biscuits were divine, similar to Charlie’s…..just tenacious enough to take up some sop. Later in the conference, John Egerton helped the chefs demonstrate making beaten biscuits, a whole ‘nother critter.

But I digress.

Googling tomato gravy, I have seen some pretty gruesome photos of a pink sauce, the color coming from the addition of a flour roux. YIKES! What we were presented with, was a flowing red gravy with hints of fresh herbs.

No roux? Will this spark a heated debate?

I don’t know, it was my first time; but it sure won’t be my last!

Here’s my friend Perre at The Runaway Spoons thoughts The Gravy Train.

Enjoy tomato gravy made with garden fresh tomatoes. This recipe is my own brain child, we’ll be having it for Brunch this weekend.

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