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Tiramisu Recipe A Dinner Party Dessert

Tiramisu Sweet Ending for an Evening to Remember

Last summer, we hosted a dinner party for several of our closest friends. It was a memorable evening, featuring Italian cuisine utilizing tomatoes and basil fresh from the Friends Drift Inn garden.

As we were concluding the salad course, the fire alarm went off. Yes, we scorched the garlic bread beyond recognition. It could have been charcoal for the grill.

Tiramisu Recipe...A slice of sweetness and a slice of life

Our smoke alarm is very sensitive and very very loud. The Italian café music was drowned out. The relaxed atmosphere become frantic, with the continual shrill squall of the alarm. We all got up from our tables, threw open windows and unsuccessfully tried to move the air so the clamor would stop.

The alarm would quit for a moment, then resume it’s warning. We went so far as trying to disarm the siren with a screwdriver. It didn’t work.

Defeated, we went on to serve the main course. By the time we had drank a few bottles of wine, and consumed a ton of pasta…..the alarm had ceased it’s annoying squeals.

Just in time for a decadent dessert. Ahh, an evening to remember.

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