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Sweet Potato Ice Cream Recipe garnished with candied nuts and marshmallow

Television Guest Chef Cole Schmidt’s Sweet “Tater Ice Cream

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When I asked Cole Schmidt of Pikeville KY’s The Blue Raven to come up with two recipes using sweet potatoes for this month’s show he nodded. When I told him one recipe had to be savory, the other sweet he shrugged as if that were no challenge at all.

I love chefs with swagger; and Cole Schmidt wears it well. Cole is passionate about fresh ingredients. He loves to grow crops; and he is certainly no stranger to sweet potatoes. His parents raised them. “Plant the slips and walk away” he laughs. Sweet Potatoes do not demand much attention; and produce abundantly. The harvest is usually pretty good, if the deer don’t find the tater patch.

Chef Cole Schmidt of The Blue Raven on Friends Drift Inn Television Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Cole presented homemade sweet potato ice cream in two desserts. His sweet potato casserole ice cream sundae featured candied pecans, homemade marshmallow, and a generous drizzle of maple syrup.

The second treat was a sweet potato ice cream float; starting with Pappy’s Sassafras Concentrate Instant Teain the bottom of the glass and Ale-8 soda pop for the liquid. We don’t usually feature pop on the show, but Ale-8 is a unique Kentucky Proud product, sort of like ginger ale only with a bigger kick. It is a regional favorite here in the mountains. Paired with sassafras, which has a sweet spicy hint of root beer, the sweet potato ice cream nearly broke out into song. Oh Happy Days!

Chef Cole suggests making the custard the day before, allowing the fresh vanilla bean “caviar” to permeate the milk liquid. For the show, we ran right through it and the flavors were still amazing!

Sweet potato ice cream is very rich in flavor; the depth of earthy goodness enhanced by using pure cane brown sugar. Cole says brown sugar dissolves a little quicker than white sugar. The texture of the ice cream coats the palate with over-the-top-richness.

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