Stovetop Peach and Pepper Chutney Recipe

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Stovetop Peach Pepper Chutney Recipe

Peaches with Attitude! Peach Pepper Chutney!

Can you ever have too many peach recipes? I am partial to Georgia peaches for canning. But when it comes to cooking, well a white South Carolina peach is just the ticket for stovetop peach pepper chutney garnish!

What is chutney? The word has origins in India and means “to taste.” Chutney is a sort of relish, generally very pungent made with fruits, spices and herbs. My recipes for canned chutney have a taste profile similar to vinegar barbeque sauce, except sweeter and much more full-bodied.

Chef Jeremy Ashby Peach Pepper Chutney Recipe

For Chef Jeremy Ashby’s recipe he included fresh peaches, red onion, minced ginger, bell peppers, hot pepper, sugars, and apple cider vinegar. The acidic kick of the vinegar, combined with the sweetness of peach essence was at once soothing and arresting.

The peach pepper chutney sauce as a drizzle for fried green tomato towers, held together with a cream cheese spread mixed with country ham and fresh onion greens, and surrounded by half a dozen fresh frog legs. The contrast of colors and flavors was a food celebration all in the big red barn gladly sampled! Giggles

I had offered Jeremy my own chutney from the panty, but he insisted the fresh peaches would make a presentation show stopper. He was right! The peaches gave a vibrant color to the fried green tomato tower.

On his Saturday morning show, Sunnyside Up Radio, Ashby suggested a variation of his Peach and Pepper Chutney recipe adding Amaretto to the mix.

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