Spicy Sweet Potato and Pepper Salad Recipe

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Savory Sweet Potato and Pepper Salad Recipe

Cooking Sweet ‘Taters for the Between Season

Chef Cole Schmidt of The Blue Raven likes to shake things up. When I asked him to share a savory sweet potato recipe for the February Friends Drift Inn television show, he smiled like a naughty child who had just been presented a gift. Had I created a monster?

I could see the wheels turning as he touched his chin deep in thought. I knew he would not disappoint. Chef Cole Schmidt thinks outside the box.
Spicy Sweet Potato Salad Recipe Chef Cole Schmidt of The Blue Raven

Sweet potato and pepper salad is a season spanning recipe, content in the bounty of fall but eager to embrace the promise of summer. The orange color of the sweet potatoes, combined with red onions, yellow sweet peppers, a sprinkling of sesame seeds, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a handful of cilantro confetti makes this salad one heck of a party on a plate.

But what really sets this sweet potato and pepper salad recipe apart is a generous drizzle of sriracha; a mild spicy hot sauce with pop and zing. Now that will make your taste buds do the dance of joy!

And what nationality is that dance of joy? Well I am studying on that. In my mind sweet potatoes, lime and cilantro says South of the Border. But Cole cooked up some pork marinated in Bluegrass Soy Sauce sugar and ginger for a sandwich component which introduces elements from the Far East. And then there was the smear of jalapeno aioli on an airy baguette. Where did that come from?

I will leave the food categorizations to folks smarter than me. What I can tell you is the sweet potato and pepper salad offers pleasing and unexpected addition to Cole’s pork sandwich and it is also a wonderfully complex vegetarian side dish. Crunchy, sweet, earthy and spicy; what more do you need to know?

Eat sweet potato salad with friends; share the giggles!

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