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Peach Cobbler with Ice Cream inspired by 82 Queen Charleston SC

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Working Up to Southern Peach Cobbler at 82 Queen

From the Fulton Lane Inn, we trotted a block or so down to 82 Queen, a Charleston restaurant celebrating over 25 years of service. The restaurant specializes in South Carolina Lowcountry food – and we were so ready! We hit the lunch crowd; business people dressed in upscale sportswear typical of what you would expect in a southern beach town.

82 Queen Patio Window Charleston SC

Everything in Charleston seems to be hidden back in alleyways. Gaslights flickering, Palmetto trees gently rustling, and flowerboxes spilling over with blossoms are just part of the charm in Charleston’s French Quarter.

We meander through an impressive bar and are seated in a back patio section; it is covered but with Carolina sunshine flirting through skylights. Fans whirl. Music plays. There is greenery everywhere. Cast iron chairs scoot noisily on the brick floor as we eagerly occupy our table. Did I mention we came to Charleston to eat?

Our wait-staff was friendly, courteous and prompt. They talked easily of their love of Charleston>, what restaurants we should visit, and what nightlife would suit three baby boomers on the town. Our meal came out quickly and was very well received. Giggles
82 Queen Charleston SC Biscuits, Seafood Salad, Okra Divine! Low Countyr

The herbed biscuits were light, fluffy, yet well browned. Seafood Cobb Salad was so fresh! And let me tell you, the fried okra strips with a red pepper marmalade were absolutely divine! 82 Queen made an okra “tolerator” out of Madonna, who refuses even my best homemade okra pickles!

Dessert? Why Yes, Peaches are in Season!

Late Saturday night, we made another quick dash into 82 Queen for a dessert fix. We missed dessert at Husk, we were just too full….but we made sure we made up for at 82 Queen. Rhoda and Madonna ordered Creme Brulee, and I chowed down on peach praline cobbler with cinnamon ice cream. There were no complaints…and no crumbs either!

The crowd that evening was lively, yet the feeling of intimacy prevailed. We saw a group of women ranging from teenagers to Great-Grandmas enjoying a dinner. To our left, some young military men were laughing about their latest misadventures. To our right, two men about our age where grabbing a snack and a nightcap. Relaxed and comfortable, we lingered at our table enjoying the casual yet refined ambiance.
Southern Peach Cobbler inspired by 82 Queen

Once back home, I used the last two canned quarts of South Carolina peaches from 2010, to make this Peach Praline Cobbler, inspired by the folks at 82 Queen. It’s a classic Southern peach cobbler recipe, sure to become a family favorite.

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