Sorghum Sugar Cookie Recipe

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Sorghum Sugar Cookie Recipe

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Sorghum It’s NOT Molasses!

Sorghum; it’s something I grew up with. The orginal Friends Drift Inn produce stand featured sorghum grown by relatives in Eastern Kentucky. A staple of fall, sorghum offers a depth of flavor that perfectly compliment flavors of harvest including pumpkin and cushaw.

Holidays are just not holidays without these traditional Appalachian cookies! I make them for a candlelight service held in a tiny little historic church just down the road. When the relatives start piling in, the first thing they ask for is sorghum cookies and tea. Well, okay tea with a nip of bourbon. It’s a family thing.

If you never tasted sorghum….it’s hard to explain. Sorghum is rich and syrupy. It’s sweet, but has hints of a woodsy spice. If molasses is something you are familiar with…once you try sorghum you will never go back. Molasses is a by-product of sugar. Sorghum is an entity into itself.

Matt Jamie, the brains behind Bourbon Barrel Foods, has done something I did not think was possible. He improved the flavor of sorghum….by what process I cannot say. The finished product has less of a “bite” than traditional sorghum made here in Appalachia.

Sorghum cookies are a fall and winter favorite here in the big red barn. The cookies can be made in double batches, a good idea if you have kids on the prowl. With a little practice, sorghum sugar cookies are easy to make in a uniform size….a good choice if you are shipping food goodies off to college dorms.

Sweet, with just a little bit of ginger and sorghum these cookies should be a staple in your pantry. Smash these for an amazing cookie crumb crust for cheesecakes! They store well, if you can hide them from the kids and the husband. Giggles

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