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Sorghum Caramel Popcorn Recipe with Bacon and Matt Jamie!

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Sorghum Popcorn and Bacon – Share the Giggles!

I had it all planned. I prepped for days. By the morning of our film shoot, all I was supposed to have to do was trowel on some make-up, smile and right on cue say “Hey I’m Joyce; Welcome to Friends Drift Inn your source for the farm-to-table movement in eastern Kentucky. Today we are talking about sorghum.”

My plan was to bake sorghum cookies, whip up some bourbon sorghum caramels, suggest serving sorghum drizzled on sheep cheese for an appetizer, and finish up with sorghum drenched cocktail, toasting my guest, Matt Jamie of Louisville’s Bourbon Barrel Foods, who is nationally known as a champion of the sorghum revival.

So I am leisurely sipping a cup of tea waiting for Matt to arrive when I get a “ding” from Facebook. It’s Matt. “Let’s do Chef Linton Hopkins recipe for Sorghum Popcorn” he suggested. So much for my plans.

With less than three hours until the film crew arrived, I flew into the kitchen gathering ingredients. Y’all realize that when you “shoot” there is one dish finished and the set is prepped to make a second batch on air. If you make a mess prepping, you dang sure had better have the kitchen all clean before the film crew knocks on the door.

2012 Sorghum Caramel Joyce and Matt Jamie making Sorghum Caramel Popcorn

Deanna, Keeper of the Lipstick, frantically fried up two packages of bacon. It smelled so good!

We popped up bowls full of popcorn. POP PoP pOp! We mixed up the first batch and shoved the sweet concoction in the oven for it’s hour of magic.

We scrambled to get the ingredients measured for their TV close-ups.

By the time Matt arrived, I was chopping up the second batch of bacon. Ha! A man with knife skills! I handed the task of mincing bacon over to him. He just laughed.

Fact is we laughed a lot that day!


When the bright lights turned on, the sound test was run, the cameras were rolling and Deanna reminded me to put on some lipstick – I was ready. “Hey I’m Joyce and welcome to Friends Drift Inn.”

Pass the sorghum popcorn and share the giggles!

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