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Soft Pretzel Recipe for St. Patricks Day Celebration
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Pretzels – A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

I love soft pretzels. They make me think of spring. I think of pub crawls and opening day at the ballpark. I think of St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I think of a little hole in the wall we used to go to watch bakers boil pretzels before they were baked off.

Boil the pretzels? Well yes. Like bagels, once shaped pretzels are boiled for a few seconds. Honest, I would not kid you about such things.

Soft pretzels and a cold beer, that works for me. Hold the green food coloring PLEASE! Giggles

This recipe takes a little time to proof the dough, but it is the kind of recipe that kids can get involved in. The dough is quite simple. Proofing the yeast, making it grow and foam is fun to see. Shaping the pretzels is a bit of a puzzle, but the process is rewarding and builds self-confidence.

Professional bakers use a lye solution to make the dark outer crust. I’ve substituted baking soda; and added a twist. Bake the baking soda on a foil lined tray for about an hour at 400°. You may want to do this the day before. The baking removes excess moisture and heightens the alkalinity of the baking soda, making it a better catalyst for browning pretzels. It is worth the extra effort!

You don’t have to be Irish to love these soft pretzels. I serve them with homemade beer cheese most days. But for that taste of Cincinnati, I like them with grainy spicy mustard.

Homeade Soft Pretzel Recipe

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