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Lemon Pie Shaker Lemon Pie served as a tart

Today’s Friends Drift Inn feature article in the Appalachian News Express tells the story of the first time I bit into a slice of Shaker Lemon Pie.

Not Your Momma’s Lemon Pie Recipe

It was at an alumni tea, back in my college days. The really old fashioned kind of soiree where every piece of silver, every piece of crystal, and every white table linen in three counties is trotted out for a ladies afternoon of sweets and savories. It was here we learned the art of small talk, the intricacies of networking, and the down side of being lady like.

Take Shaker Lemon Pie for instance. A dessert at once arrestingly acidic and disarmingly sweet, the tart is a signature dish for Kentucky’s Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. It is traditionally served as a double crusted pie, but on this occasion it was served as a topless tart…. slices of lemon brazenly beckoning with a come hither pose unencumbered by a demure top crust.

Now if you know anything about the Shakers, “come hither” was not something women were allowed to telegraph…no way no how. But, when one bites into a slice of Shaker Lemon Pie one gains perspective and understanding and a big, bold attitude. Giggles

Maybe that’s why the Shakers shook!

After the tea was over, and the very proper alumni were sent home, an extra box of Shaker Lemon Pie tarts was discovered. There was pushing and shoving. Elbows were thrown. Lipstick was smeared. There were crumbs everywhere….and there were smiles. Big happy smiles.

The housemother just shook her head and muttered, “Debs Gone Bad.”

Make some Shaker Lemon Pie this week. It will change your attitude. It might even make you a Roller Derby star. Dig in!

This recipe is very easy, though a bit time consuming. The effort is more than worth it! To conserve time, slice the lemons the night before and soak in sugar.

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