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Maggie Green's Kentucky Fresh Pimento Cheese

Pass the Pimento Cheese Please!

Picnics, Tailgates and Late Night Snacks

They say confession is good for the soul. My favorite “go to” for a quick snack is traditional pimento cheese and okra pickles. With the summer heat upon us, pimento cheese sandwiches are perfect for days when you do not want the kitchen to be “Steamy.” (No offense to Jaden Hair at Steamy Kitchen Food Blog) Wrap up in some waxed paper, and they are a quick fix for a patio lunch or a spur of the moment picnic.

Picnics, Tailgates and Late Night Snacks

When one messes with a “classic” recipe, I am always skeptical. But, Maggie Green’s pimento cheese recipe is pretty darn good. If you follow along, you know I featured the recipe in a recent Appalachian News Express Article.

There was some drama getting that recipe together for testing. Do you remember when I couldn’t find dried chickpeas for Kim O’Donnel’s Chickpea Crabbie Patties recipe? It’s not that chickpeas are not available at the likes of Lexington’s Whole Foods, but that’s about two and half hours away. Apparently, dried chickpeas are not in high demand in Appalachia. Go figure.

I do not know if it is because Gunnoe’s Pimento Cheese is semi-local, made in Charleston, WV, or because the local grocery store has a knack for not having something on the shelf when I want it….but there are no jarred Pimentos to be had in Pikeville, KY. At least not last week when I was tearing through the stores frantically searching.


Bourbon Smoked Paprika Bourbon Barrel Foods

I’m not going to tell you how I got pimentos. You really don’t want to know. What I will tell you, is my garden has eighteen Ashe County Pimento Peppers growing it. I will not find myself in a pimento-less pickle again! Giggles

While I look at the world-at-large, I am and shall always be a Kentucky Girl. So, I’m sharing with you a Kentucky secret. Bourbon Barrel Foods makes an awesome Bourbon Smoked Paprika. It will tickle your nose and your tummy. )

Enjoy cookbook author Maggie Green’s spicy twist on pimento cheese. You can learn more about Maggie atThe Green Apron

Update 2016: Kentucky cookbook author Maggie Green now has two cookbooks, The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook and coming March 2016 Tasting Kentucky: Favorite Recipes from the Bluegrass State.

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