Sausage Balls Recipe from Scratch A Cocktail Party Classic

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Sausage Ball Recipe from Scratch Cocktail Party Food

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Sausage Ballsused to be a staple at holiday parties ‘round these parts. I have not really seen them in awhile; and I do not know why. These Sausage Balls are made from scratch…really you do not need a Bisquick Mix! (There goes another chance for brand endorsement! LOL)

Small Plates Tasting Sorghum, Sausage Balls, Silver Dollar Pancake, Sorghum Cookies

These babies can be made-ahead so hosts have more time with guests. Easy to make they keep several days in the refrigerator. Savory protein bites that disappear rather quickly, sausage balls are great for brunch parties as well as evening festivities.

I just got back from doing 4 radio shows and a sprint through the Appalachian News Express offices. My media friends (lovingly referred to as “guinea pigs”) made this pile disappear in no time flat. I served them with silver dollar pancakes and Sorghum Sugar Cookies. .

Ever since Chef Ouita Michel demonstrated the Woodford Reserve Flavor Wheel, I have been fanatical about finding taste pairings that complement each other. The sweet and savory profiles make for interesting taste combinations.

Like Spicy Cheese Straws     or     Cheesy Buttery Pecan Wafers there’s dozens of ways to prepare this holiday entertaining staple.

Here’s how I did it, inspired in part by A Player and a Baker blog post. They talk about these for a Super Bowl Party….and I think that’s a grand idea.

Make these ahead of time, and keep on hand. When unexpected guest arrive, you won’t have to be in a big frenzy preparing nibblers. ENJOY!

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