Roasted Winter Squash Cushaw with Raspberries

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Baked Winter Squash Recipe with Raspberries
This recipe appeared in the Appalachian-News Express on Wednesday.

Cushaw and Raspberries Recipe – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Farm-to-Table is something I am very passionate about. Of all the heirloom produce that comes from my garden, it is cushaws that bring me the most joy….the most satisfaction. Once favored over pumpkins for everything from pies to savory dishes, the Green Striped Cushaw has fallen out of favor among producers and consumers. That’s a sad thing. The Southern Foodways Alliance can defend the Mirliton as an underdog, but I am going to stick with cushaws….it’s an Appalachian thing.

You may never have heard of cushaws; but that’s my point. Make an effort to find them, to use them, to pursuade your local growers to produce them. Cushaws are on the Slow Food Ark of Taste due to their fall from favor. That’s a sad thing.because they certainly do not fall short on FLAVOR. Rich like a cross between a sweet potato and a pumpkin, yet smoky too. With raspberries and sorghum, the marriage is nothing short or spectacular!

Baked Winter Squash Cushaw with Raspberries

This week I gave a talk at our local Rotary about the erosion of genetic diversity in agriculture, and the hope I see in Appalachian heirloom varieties. I said:

“The isolation that has so long stymied us may be the very catalyst that saves us all. That saves us all.”

Instead of the Doomsday Seed Vault, Appalachia may be poised to be the living repository for seeds. A living respository….I like that idea.


Tonight, I will be participating in Driscoll’s Berries first virtual twitter party hashtag #DriscollsMoments I believe in Driscolls….and their committment to producing berries in sustainable ways. I favor local, but feel blessed that there are growers all over this world who bring raspberries to me here in the mountains. I thank Whole Foods in Lexington for supporting that effort.

Find you some cushaws…and couple them up with raspberries.

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