Revolutionary Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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Revolutionary Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Homegrown Pumpkins the Secret Ingredient

Until we made pie from our own pumpkins, we only make pumpkin pie out of obligation. You know what I mean; adhering to the Thanksgiving and Christmas family tradition.

To me, pumpkin pie was nothing spectacular. But let me tell you, using fresh pumpkin is a life changer! This is THE BEST pie recipe ever! I cannot get enough of the stuff. Perhaps it’s the use of four eggs, or maybe it’s the pumpkin or a combination of both but this is a creamy light pie, unlike the dense holiday ho-hums.

Fresh baked pumpkin pie

Musquee de Provence pumpkin is an heirloom winter squash with origins in France. The flesh is unlike any other pumpkin I have ever cooked. It’s fine and dense with only a hint of stringiness.

The flesh is so sweet the French sometimes eat thin slices raw. It’s that good!

Hope you have some freshly roasted pumpkin in your kitchen.It will tickle your taste buds….even if it’s not Thanksgiving!

Here’s a how I make homemade pumpkin puree.

(If no fresh pumpkin is available, I beg of you to grow your own ….or tell your local grower you MUST HAVE Musquee de Provence Pumpkins! Commercially canned pumpkin just isn’t the same)

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