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Raspberry Vodka Infusion Titos Vodka Driscolls Raspberries
UPDATE 2016 – We love Driscolls but when our season comes in Friends Drift Inn Farm grows their own.

Rolling the Dice with Raspberries and Vodka

Show me the Driscoll’s Raspberries!

It’s been a wild week. Four radio shows, hanging out with Azur Restaurant’s   Chef Jeremy Ashby over elk and bourbon, exploring Bourbon Barrel Foods with Carol (Matt Jamie’s mom,) early morning interview with Claudia at Cake Flour a look behind the scenes at Proof on Main with chef Michael Paley, and our UPike Bears played the University of Louisville Cards at YUM!

In between that I had a tape recorder malfunction that had me begging a spare from my media friends, got stressed in Louisville’s traffic snarls, and on the way home for our journey we had a flat tire.

Just another day in the life. Giggles It was a great adventure, but I am ever so happy to be home in the big red barn.

Raspberries Rejoice I see a Cocktail Recipe in Your future!

Driscoll Raspberries Recipes coming #DriscollMoments

Infusing alcohol is not a new concept; at least not here in the mountains. I have been told moonshine can be melded with grapes, cherries, apples, lemons, limes and of course RASPBERRIES. Since I am pure as the driven snow, I have no knowledge of this. Moonshine is an urban myth.

I was never here. We never talked.

The Driscolls berry folks #DriscollsMoments event all about Raspberries is coming next Friday. In keeping with my motto I shop Farmers Market First I look for raspberries locally…but they are not readily available. Driscolls brand is one I trustand gleefully indulge in when visiting Lexington’s Whole Foods Market.

For the #DriscollsMoments Raspberry Recipes Event you can expect my own twists on the raspberry recipes. You might see Cushaws. It goes without saying you will see bourbon.

It’s Not Really a Recipe?

How about a couple handfuls of Driscolls Raspberries in a pint mason jar with Tito’s Handmade Vodka? Let it hide in the refrigerator until Friday’s party…and have Raspberry Vodka cocktails ready when your guests arrive. Rhoda, my raspberry and vodka loving “assistant” will be so happy when she gets here! Giggles

Hope you join us on twitter for #DriscollsMoments on Friday November 4. In the meantime, roll the dice with Driscoll’s Raspberries and Vodka!

Disclaimer: I received coupons to purchase Driscoll berries. I appreciate their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture. I selected Tito’s Vodka because it has a very clean taste, in my opinion.

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