Pumpkin Coffee Cake Bars Recipe

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Pumpkin Coffee Cake Bars Recipe

Make Ahead Dessert – Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Can we talk? Where did the summer go? It sure seems like life is going by way too fast.

Jake is back to school. Mom has come and went for her annual canning extravaganza. Charlie has returned to his roost in the football press box.

As for me, the canner is cranked. I have been trying to clean out the “deep freeze” – that would be freezer to you city folks. Last year our harvest of pumpkins was abundant. I like that word “abundant.” There is still an abundance of pumpkin puree waiting to be used up from last year so I can make way for this year’s bounty.

Make ahead dessert recipe Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

Bounty – I like that word, too. As in “Sharing the Bounty” with friends like you and the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters.
These pumpkin bars have a trio of surprises. There’s some cayenne pepper zing. There’s a little coffee in the icing to get your motor running. And oh yeah, I soaked the nut topping in bourbon; I’m just saying.
This recipe will feed a crowd. Leave it in the pan and tote it to your next tailgate party, community supper, or even the next hen clucking party. Cluck-cluck!
Coffee and pumpkin bars on the big red barn porch! Come share the abundant bounty! Giggles

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