Pumpkin Chess Cake Recipe Mini Bites

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Pumpkin Chess Cake Recipe Mini Bites

Wow Factor for Holiday Entertaining

Let’s face it; sometimes I get in a hurry. Take this Sunday. We are slammed at the office so there was some overtime going on. I was getting ready for four radio shows, which includes preparing food. I was introducing the pumpkin topic – so I had to get several new pumpkin posts up for the radio audience.

That involves recipe testing, cooking, and writing about the experience, and then EEK gads – I have to photograph the food.
Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe Shown with Pumpkin Fudge and Pumpkin Chess Bites

There’s the little matter of an exhibition basketball game coming up in the big city. That means the laundry needed to be caught up. There were extra Tabasco peppers that needed to be made into hot sauce.

I had to get clothes packed for the big city adventure – and a certain chef asked if I would tote up some pumpkin, cushaw, and candy roasters.They needed to be loaded into the car.

The grey matter under my hat was on overload. Somehow, I blotched the first attempt at pumpkin cheesecake. Well, maybe not botched. Let’s put a spin on this “Remarkably similar in texture to chess pie, the newly discovered pumpkin chess cake bites wowed the staff at East Kentucky Broadcasting.”

Sounds so much more polished than, “Joyce’s glasses were fogged up with the heat of the kitchen and reoccurring hot flashes. She just has trouble reading recipes.”

This pumpkin recipe is one for holiday entertaining. Try it for your next cookie exchange. Just try to really READ the recipe. Giggles

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