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Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe Shown with Pumpkin Fudge and Pumpkin Chess Bites

Mini Cheesecakes – Make Ahead for Hassle Free Entertaining

We are all about parties here at the big red barn. Over the years, I have learned to make as much of the menu ahead of time as possible. I enjoy my guests more. I have time to have fun instead of standing in front of the refrigerator in a fit of hot flashes and frazzle.

Mini-bites, little plates, cocktail party grazing….that seems to be the big talk in food circles these days. I like the trend. I can watch portion control – and my waistline.

This pumpkin cheesecake recipe was intended to make a full-sized cheesecake. But, I am going up on the hill to East Kentucky Broadcasting. It is easier to make individual servings. Fact is, it’s more fun. I enjoy putting together a cute plate….and I think the talking heads like the change of pace.

My take on this recipe involves a signature ingredient of fall, sorghum. I use it in the homemade Pumpkin Crackers Recipe for Sweet Dessert Crusts and add a little extra drizzle for bling. Yes even here in the mountains…we like the bling. I’ll be pairing the pumpkin cheesecake bites with Pumpkin Fudge . You are going to like this!

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