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Pound Cake A Classic Dessert Recipe

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A Cake Recipe Full of Memories

I cannot eat a piece of pound cake without remembering Charlie’s daddy.

I live in coal country, my little corner of Appalachia is where Kentucky and West Virginia kiss. My father-in-law worked third shift at McCoy Elkhorn Mines. It was a hard and dirty job, but he enjoyed it. Vernon would come home in the morning about the time we were heading to work.

He would shower, sleep a bit, then often as not go work the garden until the grandkids came home from school.

Putting dinner on the table was a family effort, but Vernon usually had the meal started before the rest of us rolled in from work.

It fell to me to see that Vernon’s dinner bucket was packed each evening; ready for a coal miner’s work day. Sandwiches, hot coffee, cut vegetables and a sweet snack was the norm. Sometimes grandkids would slip in a note, or one of their “good grade” school papers as a special surprise. That dinner bucket carried our piece of home down into the pitch dark mine shaft.

I can just imagine Vernon smiling in darkness as he stopped for dinner. He never did say anything about the kids notes, but I know they meant the world to him.

Vernon liked Moon Pies, which were originally marketed as a miner’s dinner bucket item. But what really tickled his fancy was homemade pound cake.

Fresh local food...Kentucky Proud Strawberries

When you are in the coal mines, you learn to share. The crew watches each other’s back. If Vernon was packing pound cake, he was the most popular man on shift.

I miss my father-in-law. He’s been gone for many years. After he died, we quit making pound cake, once a family favorite.

It’s been a long time since I made Vernon’s favorite cake. I think it’s time.

No matter what the season, Pound Cake is a welcome dessert. Garnish with whatever is in season….strawberries, blueberries, orange wedges, or peach slices. if you end up with more cake than you can use try a Tipsy Laird Trifle

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