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Pickled Purslane Recipe foraging for a gourmet weed

Purslane Pesky Weed or Gourmet Delight?

I’m just a chick in a red hat down in the mountains of Kentucky. I have an honest curiosity about the food world outside these glorious Appalachians; but I also have raised my eyebrows at some of the notions of what is cool. Especially when it comes to purslane.

Purslane and The Cool Kids

Elissa Altman over at Poor Man’s Feast goes on and on about the pervasive weed. Tartelette scored a zipbag of purslane at a South Carolina Farmers Market and was so excited she tweeted about it. Out in Seattle, Kim O’Donnel gushes about purslane in potato salad. Girls, REALLY?

Purslane is a weed. Whether you live in the city or the country, you have probably seen the fleshy plant creeping onto sidewalks or taking over your garden. When I see it in my bean row, I hack it with a hoe. It is not welcome. I cannot believe some people deliberately plant it!

But I had to see what all the buzz was about. I hacked and hacked through my garden, and brought home big clumps of the stuff to pickle. Purslane, the weed, may be my new best friend. It tastes kind of lemony. I like it fresh in salads, as a garnish on the dinner plate, and yes even as a pickled delicacy…..just right for deviled eggs or a quick pimento cheese sandwich. The bonus? It’s FREE for the picking.

Here’s how you pickle purslane. (Can you say that five times fast?)

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