Peasant Boule Bread Recipe Mini-Bites

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Peasant Boule Bread Recipe Mini Bites

Basic Yeast Bread Recipe – Keeping it Simple

January, the first month of our year, is a time to regroup and rethink. I go through the kitchen pantry finding ingredients that might have got shoved back in the dark scary recesses. Back there, who knows what goodies lurk?

Proofing Yeast…it’s EASY!

Today I found an expired package of yeast. Yeah, it’s overdue by about three months. Now yeast is not one of those things that “go bad” in a spoilage kind of sense. Living organisms, yeast babies can last for years. Just to be sure the poor things were not dead; I took ¼ cup of warm water at about 110 degrees and dumped the package in. Over a five minute span, the yeasties were bubbling happily. Yay!

I have a couple of social obligations coming up and I am thinking fondue. But I hate it when bread cubes get stale toward the end of a party. What if I baked little minis so there was no interior exposed until biting into the little morsels? Hmmmm.

Peasant Boule Mini Bite Bread Appetizer Recipe

This month, Abby Dodge is featuring Peasant Boule Bread for her #baketogether challenge. It comes from her book The Weekend Baker: Irresistible Recipes, Simple Techniques, and Stress-Free Strategies for Busy People. The premise of #baketogether is to take her recipe and twist it into variations. It’s a fun exercise.

Adapted to minis, I think these will be fun at my cocktail party with cheese fondue. And, I’ve been thinking about Farmers Markets too. I am teaching a “Cooking with Honey” class at an upcoming beekeepers conference. My goal is not only to help them come up with new ideas to use honey as an ingredient…but also help small producers find a competitive edge selling.

I might pass up a little tasting spoon of honey…but honey with a bite of homemade bread? Hello. That sparks my attention! Giggles Let’s make those cash registers cha-ching!

Like a long cocktail party, Farmers Markets can span several hours. By offering minis instead of bread slices, the bread will stay fresher longer. Call me crazy, but I just want to keep this simple.

Brown, earthy and chewy, made with whole wheat bread flour and a little honey this recipe is a winner. Whether you are planning a cocktail party or hawking your goods at the Farmers Market these simple little bread bites might just be your ticket to fame and fortune!

Happy Baking!

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If you sell at Farmers Market be advised there are certain rules and certifications you must adhere to when it comes to sampling. Check with your local Extension Agent for more information.

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