Paw Paw Crème Brulee Recipe

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Paw Paw Creme Brule Recipe

This recipe appeared in Wednesday’s Appalachian News Express along with a mention of the International Paw Paw Conference held at Kentucky State University. Here at Friends Drift Inn blog we are celebrating the Paw Paw harvest and Bourbon Heritage Month! Enjoy!

If you do not know what a paw paw is start here.

Crème Brulee Kentucky Style
Paw Paw Palooza and Bourbon Heritage Month Series!

Paw Paws, most folks love them or hate them. There is no middle ground. I am a big fan! It’s time to go foraging. I’m ready are you?

Paw Paw Creme Brule Recipe All in a row!

Somewhere between a banana and mango, paw paws can be eaten fresh making interesting additions to salads,   salsas, and relishes. Paw paws can be paired with a variety of flavors. One of my favorite combinations is with cream based recipes.

Add a blow torch, and I am one happy baby boomer giggles!

Back in my college days, I took a class in Farm Shop. Daddy was amused thinking of his preppie sorority girl dolled up with ribbons and bows wielding a blow torch. Hey, I like a little element of danger!

Dad, thought Farm Shop class was a waste of tuition money; something I would never use again. If he were still here, I would make him eat his words – and some Paw Paw Crème Brulee.


If you have no idea what a Paw Paw is, perhaps you should start here. But for those of you that who love the smell, the creamy custardy texture – the possibilities for paw paw are endless. Newbies, get on the Paw Paw Palooza bandwagon; there’s plenty of room!

International Paw Paw Conference 2011 Kentucky State University

Dinner Photos Courtesy Kentucky State University

Kentucky State University recently hosted the Third Annual International Paw Paw Conference . The culmination of the event was a Grand Paw Paw dinner. chef Bob Perry of the University of Kentucky delivered this dessert recipe to the assembled crowd of over two hundred.

He suggested I use a “good Kentucky bourbon” to achieve this creamy seasonal dessert. I chose Elmer T. Lee bourbon. It is one of my favorites for sipping. I am not allowed to have it in the kitchen because well – sometimes I use up the whole bottle cooking and then a certain husband and his guests have nothing to sample. Elmer T. Lee is a smooth bourbon, and it really does magical things to paw paws! Giggles Charlie is not here to tell me “No” so there you go!

Chef Perry suggests you make this dessert the night before and refrigerate. Set out the ramekins about 15 minutes before serving, so the bowls are not so cold they crack when you are last minute browning up the sugar with a blow torch. If you are meek, you could put them in the broiler to carmelize; but you know you want to play with the fire! Giggles

Hope you enjoy! Now please excuse me. I’ve got a brand new blow torch to play with.

PS Please do not let your blow torch near the bourbon….KABOOM! Giggles

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