Paw Paw Barbeque Sauce Recipe

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Paw Paw Barbeque Sauce Recipe Tips for Grilling Chicken

Barbeque Sauce, Paw Paw Palooza and Tailgating Parties

One of the best things about tailgate parties is using fresh ingredients to make your dishes truly memorable ones. Paw Paws are still available, but the season if fading. Grab some up and get ready for a remarkable Barbeque Sauce!

Paw Paw BBQ Sauce Recipe Tailgate Party Grilling

When the experts speak of Paw Paws, they describe the taste as banana with mango and pineapple. I’ve been making Paw Paw recipes for two weeks now, and never did get that “pineapple” thing – until Charlie made this killer Barbeque Sauce. I do not know if it was the addition of the tomato acidity, or just the cooking process but the citrus flavors really shine through in this recipe.

We usually do chicken wings, but I found these “drummies” at an incredible price. Grill your chicken low and slow to preserve moisture then slather on this flavorful sauce. This really gives a beautiful glaze to chicken and works well on gourmet hamburgers as well. Your mouth with thank you!


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