Patty Pan Squash Fries Recipe

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Patty Pan Summer Squash Fries Recipe

Squash Fries A Surprise!

My garden is a curiosity round these parts. Not because I grow the old varieties, we here in Appalachia are accustomed to – but rather because I plant vegetables not often seen in our mountain hollows. Our garden is situated on a dirt road, which leads up to a rather large cemetery. On the weekends, folks regularly drive by while we are working out in the garden tending to the crops.

Patty Pan Cymling Summer Squash

The interruptions are welcome. We enjoy our neighbors. We also enjoy sharing what we are trying to do growing heirloom vegetables. Our okra crop is a real fascination, not something the locals grow. We gladly share the abundant okra, and folks are starting to catch on to what I like to call “okra opportunities.”

Okra is not the only thing that gives the neighbors pause. Patty Pan squash, something Edna Lewis called “Cymlings” is a crop that has met with much trepidation. Even my biggest fan, Charlie, looked at me with incredulous eyes when I planted a long run of the summer squash.

“What are you going to do with that?” he asks with a bit of sarcasm. If you have ever grown zucchini, you know even a few plants can yield tons (well it seems like tons) of squash.

Frankly, I was not sure myself. But if Edna Lewis said we needed to grow Patty Pans, who am I to argue?

As usual, Ms. Lewis was right. Oh my goodness! Patty Pan squash are really good. Not as watery as say a yellow squash or green zucchini, the flesh is firm….think firm like a potato. We have experimented with several recipes including a mock apple pie recipe using the flying saucer shaped squash. But the thing that has us really excited is Patty Pan Squash fries with a little Bourbon Tomato Jam on the side. As they say at the Women’s Club….”Honey, let me tell ya!”

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Patty Pan Squash Fry “Recipe”

Wash the scallop squash, cut into French fry sections, dip in buttermilk, then a little seasoned cornmeal. Fry them until golden brown. That’s it. No recipe required! You could use ketchup, horseradish, or ranch dressing as a dip…but we really suggest the Bourbon Tomato Jam Recipe

Forget potato French fries, these hunks of goodness impart a buttery rich flavor, and a very soothing texture. Serve alongside your famous tailgate burgers and you will really have something to cheer about!

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