Orange Ginger Chicken Recipe

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Orange Ginger Chicken Recipe

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Skillet Fried Chicken with Orange Juice Glaze and Ginger
Featured on March 2012 Pike TV

Citrus is very reasonable this time of year; and chicken is nearly always a good buy…even better if you raise your own chickens! Cluck-Cluck! Giggles

I like playing with flavor combinations. It is such a kick when a dish starts out on one end of the flavor palate and as the taste buds begin to stir your brain cells get little jolts and surprises. The sweetness of oranges, the peppery undertones of fresh ginger and the moist and meaty goodness of chicken breasts are a trio of tastings I think you will enjoy!

Buying Fresh Ginger

If you have never bought fresh ginger before, get ready for a day of illumination! I love fresh ginger for sorghum cookies! Just a little ginger grated over chicken salad gives a peppery and citrusy spring lift.

Ginger is found in the produce section. It kind of looks like a root, because guess what? That is what it is! Well technically it’s a rhizome; but does that really matter?

Most ginger found in the local groceries comes from China. No that does not make me happy. That’s not a political statement….it’s just that I want to buy local. My idea of local is broader than most but Smith Grove, KY is certainly closer than China! I am on the look out for Au Natural Farms new crop of Kentucky Proud baby ginger!

Layers of Flavors

Chicken paired with orange and ginger is a pretty darn good combination. I married it up up with braised chard greens   and honey corn cakes for a decidedly hillbilly menu.

You could go all snazzy offering Asian stir fried vegetables like bok-choy with a helping of rice and green tea.

This chicken recipe is fairly straight forward. Get your kids to help. Break out the heirloom cast iron and tell them a story about your grandparents. Keep Appalachian culture alive and well!

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