Mornay Sauce Recipe for The Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich

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Kentucky Hot Brown as served at Tousey House with Mornay Sauce

A Great Hot Brown? The Secret is in the Sauce!


The Kentucky Hot Brown is a Louisville tradition often associated with the Kentucky Derby. Developed by The Brown Hotel, the open faced sandwich is much better suited for the cold weather surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas than the flirty days of Kentucky’s spring. But who am I to argue with Louisville’s foodways?

The traditional Hot Brown presentation features white toast topped with roasted turkey, bacon, Mornay sauce and cheese. After a run through the broiler to melt layers of cheese, the dish is topped with a fresh tomato slice, a sprinkling of chopped parsley, and a few extra shavings of Parmesan cheese.

I have eaten Hot Brown sandwiches from here to Paducah and back again; including a sampling at The Brown Hotel. Charlie’s Hot Browns are better than anything I have experienced in any restaurant – until now.

Kentucky Hot Brown...the secret is in the sauce! Mornay Sauce Recipe

On a whim, we took Mom to the Tousey House Tavern in Burlington, KY. The Hot Brown there was the most amazing rendition! It may sound trite, but the secret is in the sauce!

Tousey House’s Mornay is rich, luxuriant, and silky. There is an unusual acidic bite, with a hint of nutmeg in the background. It is thick but flowing; so unlike the immobile masses of white sauce I have come to expect. The Tousey House Hot Brown sports a Mornay Sauce fit for a glorious Kentucky spring day!

Here’s our interpretation of The Hot Brown Mornay Sauce recipe. This sauce will take your guests right to the Winner’s Circle! Enjoy!

If you are in a rush…here’s a more simple Hot Browns in a hurry recipe.

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