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The Meatloaf Sandwich a Blue Raven Signature by Chef Matt Corbin

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Meatloaf Sandwiches or Picnic Pickings?

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Grandma Clara was one of the church ladies that always made meatloaf for dinner on the grounds. Served warm or cold, this American classic is perhaps one of the most loved of comfort foods. Meatloaf is simple, but it is food shaped with love. Perhaps that’s why we all love it so much. Grandma’s meatloaf, it was the must have main course for family picnics and reunions.

Chef Matt Corbin of The Blue Raven and Joyce Pinson Friends Drift Inn

My father-in-law would not let anyone but Charlie make Sunday evening’s meatloaf dinner. He swore Charlie did something special that none of the rest of us did. Charlie always denied it; and to this day I do not know if it was our imagination or some secret recipe but indeed Charlie’s meatloaf is a family favorite.


Chef Matt Corbin and I laughed way too much during this shoot. We have the same quirky sense of humor. This recipe is a combination of cooks, a combination of ingredients, and a combination of comfort food goodness.

Like all food, the better the ingredients the better the flavors. I use a high quality local beef with low fat. The Blue Raven will feature Kentucky Proud products including Akers Beef, a dried and aged beef which gives a robust flavor.

Watch the YouTube edition of Friends Drift Inn with Joyce Pinson to see how Matt Corbin dishes up a meatloaf sandwich. He insists the secret is to chop the onions very fine; something I could not quite do to suit him! Giggles

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