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The Feb. 22 issue of the Appalachian News Express features an article on local Chef Chris who hails from Bayou Country

You might thing it odd that a girl in the Kentucky Mountains is writing about a French tradition linked closely to New Orleans and the Deep South; but you shouldn’t.

Head up to Pike County’s Virgie area and you’ll find family names like DeRossett and Tackett that have lived in our hills and hollers for more generations than you can shake a stick at. It is said that many of the French trappers of our pioneer period liked Kentucky so much they decided to stay. We just do not talk about it much.

My own roots include a French shoemaker who came to the Bluegrass to make his fortune. See…shoes are in my genes! Why deny it?

King Cake is what we here in the highlands would call a Cinnamon Roll. The icing and sprinkled sugars in the traditional Mardi Gras colors makes it a little more high flutin’. Enjoy!

Enjoy a King Cake and raise a cup of Earl Grey Tea to the folks of New Orleans who understand our secrets and wink at us with a mischievous kinship.

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