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Kim O'Donnel Recipe Mint and Zucchini Frittata

Egg Zucchini Skillet Pie with Mint

Frittata Egg Recipe

More than any other herb, it’s mint that gives me that heady rush signaling a release from winter’s suffocating grip. Long before the red buds bloom, the dogwoods pop forth, and the wisteria lazily cascades across the back porch trellis mint have the courage to surface.

The smell of mint is the smell of spring in Kentucky. No wonder we love our Mint Juleps so much!

When I found a recipe combining eggs with mint, I really thought the author had gone off her Seattle rocker. I’m talking about Kim O’Donnel of course. But turns out, she is on to something with this simple egg recipe.

For a weekend brunch, I think you will enjoy this taste of the season. The mint whispers ever so enticingly. The eggs giggle with the addition of a summer squash or zucchini. Can you ever really have enough zucchini recipes?

We call it Egg Skillet Pie….but if you insist on being the Culinary Police it’s really a Frittata.

I don’t care what you call it, just so long as you try it.

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