Jamerson’s Irish Stew Recipe with Star Anise

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Irish Stew Recipe with Star Anise

This recipe appeared in the Appalachian News Express and in other regional publications. Nick Jamerson, lead singer for Sundy Best, is a poet who reminds me that young and old share common bonds that make our mountain community something very special.

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Celebrating ‘Tween Seasons With Hearty Fare

Luck of the Irish; Wisdom of the Scotch

Hillbilly Days Nick Jamerson

The tween days of not quite winter and not quite spring can be maddening. I struggle with what to wear. I agonize over what to put on the table; light salads and spring greens or something more substantial?

Eating seasonally? Historically, this time of year was often the hardest for our Appalachian forbearers. There are just a few greens starting to poke from the ground. Thank goodness for root cellars, and vegetables that are “keepers.” A parsnip, carrots, potatoes and onions combined with stew meat, traditionally lamb, take away the chills and lifts the spirits.

Like many in Appalachia I claim Scotch-Irish roots; more Scotch than Irish. I look across the family genealogy charts; I let my mind drift to those who set my feet on this path. I see proud people, defiant people. I hear music and poetry; I see joy in the dance. I laugh thinking of old fiddles, of special clay jugs, and of artfully pieced quilts that all speak of love and life.

I lamented on Facebook that my recipe for Irish Stew was as old as the hills themselves. I respect my ancestors, but I want something more – as did they when they crossed the ocean to come to Kentucky. Chef Jon Ashton gave me a hand up.

Have you ever tried star anise in Irish Stew? Frankly, I was dubious but desperate. My deadline for the Appalachian News Express was nipping at my heels and even a sip of some “artisan” crafted spirits did nothing to inspire.

I tried the addition. I liked it! Charlie liked it. Star anise adds a layer of flavor, at once comforting and mysterious. This recipe is a “keeper.” On a chilly tween day, make you a pot of Irish Stew and some Irish Soda Bread too. Celebrate St. Patrick’s with respect to your elders, but with an eye to the days ahead. Lift a pint for me!

Irish Stew Recipe with Star Anise inspired by Chef Jon Ashton

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