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Iced Coffee Indulgence for Pennies

Coffee Granitas are one of those things I make for a swift kick in the behind. As summer starts beating down, I can do without hot coffee. But every so often, a chilly hit of caffeine increases up my brain activity and helps keep my hat on straight! Being on a budget, I think restaurant iced coffees are too expensive; but I still want that cold caffeine charge.

Coffee flavored with Bourbon at Lexington Farmers Market

Charlie is a coffee drinker. I am talking about three quarters of a pot here at the barn, plus another couple of cups at the office. With prices what they are, I hate, hate, and hate to waste anything. Whatever coffee is left after Charlie has his fill is frozen in ice cube trays then stored for later use.

Coffee ice cubes are a quick flavoring for brownies and cakes, just melt and add….or crush in the blender. I think my clever readers are sharp enough to modify this Iced Coffee Granita recipe using frozen coffee cubes. But what if you don’t have frozen coffee cubes just lying around?

Down at the Lexington Farmers Market     you can buy coffee infused with the flavors of bourbon barrels.

You could use any type of flavored coffee for granitas, but I just used our usual brand adding a few extras for kicks and giggles.

Hope you enjoy! Today’s Appalachian News Express features several fruit based granitas that I will be sharing here in a few days. Until then…..get your caffeine fix here!

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