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Blackberries at the Farmers Market

Today’s Appalachian New Express features Blackberry Jam. The Blackberry Jam Recipe will appear on this blog Friday.

Blackberry Jelly Recipe With Pectin

Picking Blackberries for Canning

Blackberry picking is something folks have done for generations. Around here, wild blackberries are plentiful. We know a few patches on the old family home place. Exploring back roads and mine sites, we often find blackberries growing along the back country byways. City folks call this activity foraging.

Blackberries Free for the Picking

The argument at the barn this season has been about whether we should put up more blackberry jelly or more blackberry jam.

I like jam.   Charlie likes jelly. I dream of Grandpa’s Blackberry Jam Cake. Charlie makes homemade biscuits with blackberry jelly a reality.

Thankfully, this year’s blackberry harvest is enormous. The rains earlier in the spring have brought us big juicy berries, plump and oozing with purple gold. So much for the manicure!

My hands are not as strong as Charlie’s, so he really comes in handy when it’s time to squeeze that last bit of blackberry essence through the cheesecloth. Jelly is more work than jam, but the thing is you can make the juice one day and make the jelly the next.

To begin you must have juice.

In a colander, spray off blackberry fruit disregarding stems, leaves, and debris. Transfer to a tall sided bowl a little at a time. I use a Kitchen Aid mixing bowl. Crush fruit with a potato masher just enough to get the juices flowing.

In a large stockpot, measure fruit. For every 4 cups of fruit, include ½ cup of filtered water. Cover, and simmer until fruit is mushy.

At this point you could use a jelly bag strainer to remove seeds. I prefer using a KitchenAid stainless steel bowl , using several zip ties linked together to hold three layers of dampened cheesecloth over the bowl. Add fruit a little at a time, working through to juice.

I move the pulp to a “holding bowl” until I have worked through the entire batch. I then call in Charlie. We loosen the cheesecloth, making a sack. We spoon in about a cup of the pulp; gather up the cheesecloth, and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! Repeat until all pulp is devoid of juice.

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