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How to cook frog legs recipes with chef Jeremy Ashby

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Summertime and the Living is Easy

It is a coal black night on the creek. Lightening bugs blink in contented synchrony. There is moonshine. The ceiling fan whirls as I wriggle my toes and hold a mason jar dripping with cool condensation to my lips.

Over the creek bank, lights move erratically. Occasionally, I hear a splash followed by a whoop or a curse depending upon a hit or miss. With miner’s lamps on their heads and frog gigs in their hands the boys are gigging.

I would pull on my pink boots and go with them; but I am quite comfortable here on the wicker sofa. The boys will join me soon enough toting wet burlap bags filled with their trophies. When I hear the commotion coming up the hill, I’ll go fire up the cast iron skillets.

Whether you buy the farm raised variety, or go gigging for yourself cooking up frog legs is not difficult. My friend, Chef Jeremy Ashby has some great suggestions!

Chef Jeremy Ashby of Azur Restaurant and Patio in Lexington
Offers these tips:

  • Cast iron is the only way to fry!Heat the skillet on high with about ½ inch of neutral flavored oil. It’s ready when a few sprinkles of flour dance in the grease.

  • Ashby suggests using an egg wash,2 eggs and ½ cup of milk whisked together. Dunk the jumpers in!

  • Next, dredge the jumpers in an all purpose flour with just a little of salt and pepper mixed in.

  • OPTIONS? Starting with the egg wash and coating with flour will give a soft delicate coating. For a crispier crust, dredge in flour, then egg wash, and then back in flour.

    Chef Jeremy Ashby cooks Frog Legs on Friends Drift Inn TV Show

  • Instead of using a “flipper”, Chef Ashby suggests using a fork to gently place the frog legs into the scalding hot skillet. Do not spear the legs with the fork, you will lose the juices. Working slowly, use the fork to lightly nudge the frog legs in place leaving the flour coating intact.

  • Because frog legs have high moisture content, and because fresh frog legs tend to twitch, Ashby recommends using a skillet guard to keep down splatters.

  • Let the legs brown on one side, then using the fork ever so softly flip them over for even browning.

  • Place frog legs on a pan lined with paper towels to drain for a minute or so.

  • Plate with a stack of fried green tomatoes   and drizzle with freshly made   peach chutney.

Click to Read Frog Gigging and Skillet Sizzling Article
in the Appalachian News Express

Kentucky Law requires a fishing license to frog gig or snag. The daily limit is 12. Visit Chef Jeremy Ashby at Azur Restaurant and Patio and follow his radio show at Sunny Side Up Radio
Disclaimer: Chef Jeremy Ashby brought food to the big red barn. I did eat and so did the crew! He left with a few jars of my jams and jellies!

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