Cilantro and Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe

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Cilantro Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe

How do you use peppers? On Wednesday I shared my Hot Sauce Recipe with Tabasco Peppers and this Hot Pepper Jelly recipe in the Appalachian News Express

Hot Pepper Jelly A Pantry Essential!

Pepper jelly is one of those homemade necessities I MUST HAVE in the fridge. I like a dab on the side of scrambled eggs most mornings. When friends show up unexpectedly, I pop open a jar of pepper jelly and serve with cheese and crackers for quick appetizer. For >tailgating, pepper jelly on brauts is a whole new taste nirvana – sweet, spicy, and hot combined with salty meat flavors.

Sometimes I use pepper jelly as a little surprise alongside cheesey wafers   or spicy cheese straws. It is an unexpected combination, but I never hear complaints. Giggles

Pepper Jelly garnishes Chef Jeremy Ashby's Ham Hock and Goat Chees Wonton

Charlie likes hot pepper jelly with loaded baked potatoes…..and sometimes even as a side condiment or glaze with stir fried vegetables.

Chef Jeremy Ashby at Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery Guest Chef Series presented a Ham Hock and Goat Cheese Wonton garnished with pepper jelly and Okra Pickles It was a show stopper!

With the addition of cilantro, hot pepper jelly is a natural for Neuvo Latino Cusine South of the Border inspired recipes. Sweet or savory, I think you will find hot pepper jelly to be one of the most versatile items of your home canning projects.

Go ahead and get in the kitchen…really if you can boil water you can make this recipe work for you!

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