Honey Zucchini Bread Recipe

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Honey Zucchini Bread Recipe

Sweet Breakfast Bread – Using up the Zucchini Harvest

It’s great to grow a garden and reap the harvest. It’s fantastic to shop the Farmers Market or subscribe to a CSA and can and preserve the produce for later. Well, here is a news flash….Later is here.

The seed catalogs are pouring in and I’ve been scratching out orders for a couple of days. Once I get it narrowed down, I’ll be sharing my 2012 gardening picks. But in the meantime, my freezer is full and brimming. Brunch anyone?

There is absolutely no point in freezing a gazillion bags of shredded zucchini if I do not put them to good use!

January has proven to be more hectic than anticipated. We had the opportunity to move our “real job” offices to a location renovated to our specifications. It is exciting, but at the same time throws a kink in my spare time. Spare time; now that’s a commodity I need more of!
Honey Zucchini Bread Recipe served for Sunday Brunch

Our employees are excited, but restless too. So this Monday morning, I will surprise them with freshly baked zucchini bread. Maybe that will make me fussing at them to get their desks packed up a little less like a command and a little more like a request.

This zucchini bread is moist and dense. A little slice goes a long way. Honey makes all the difference. This quick bread recipe makes two loaves. That works for me, if I am going to dirty the dishes I might as well bake off two loaves, one loaf for now and one loaf to be frozen for those days when the houseguests get up early and I am too sleepy to bake. Giggles

This is a very easy recipe and I hope you will like it.

Clean out your freezer. Use up the harvest. We’ll be planting soon! Brew some fresh tea and pass me that seed cataloge will ya? Giggles

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