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Honey Cupcakes fresh from the oven

White House Honey Cup Cakes

My Grandpa Friend was a beekeeper, with a honey and produce stand outside of the old Friends Drift Inn. Honey is always a welcome ingredient in our kitchen. Chewing on warm honey comb with sweet syrup dripping down my chin as Grandpa harvested honey was time well spent!

In 2015, Friends Drift Inn Farm returned to our roots, adding several bee hives to our farm. Charlie’s grandfather, Millard had always kept bees on the property and of course my family kept bees to pollinate the orchards. We have already had some drama. The first year, we had one hive swarm. We also had a visit from a bear that toppled the hives, but as fate would have it did little damage. We have much to learn about beekeeping, but we are enjoying the process.

Local honey availability hinges on the weather. Some years are better than others for “spring bloom.” Be sure to check you local farmers market for honey, and stash a few jars for later. If you get to know your beekeepers you might even score varietal honey that is not readily available in supermarkets.

Honey is fabulous to bake with and these cupcakes are a classic example of “Honey Goodness.” I can almost imagine the elves wrapping these cupcakes ever so carefully for Frodo and Sam. “Honey Goodness” it is indeed almost magical. Honey contributes to the “crumb” making these simple cupcakes intriguingly alluring.

When it comes to cupcakes, I’m really not on the bandwagon. But these are “White House Honey Cup Cakes.” White House, you know Pennsylvania Avenue – where there is an organic heirloom garden on the front lawn. There’s a beehive there too.

White House Honey Cup Cakes are a moist rich confection, with a dreamy flirty sweetness that pirouettes between cupcake and muffin. They rise very nicely, filling paper liners with golden goodness. Smeared up with a combination of sugar and honey icing, these little baked goodies makes the morning a little brighter. I think I can see Pennsylvania Avenue from here! Giggles

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