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Honey Cornbread Fried

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The deeper in the South you go the hotter the debate on cornbread -sweet or savory? Even native Kentuckian and cookbook author Ronni Lundy proclaims “If God had meant for cornbread to have sugar in it he would have called it cake!”

Cooking with Honey...It's A Local Thing

I grew up on the Kentucky side of the Ohio river. We did not eat cornbread baked, but fried. Sometimes it was savory, served with fish and sometimes it was a sweet breakfast or brunch delicacy garnished with fresh berries and warm sorghum. It is astounding how Kentucky’s food culture varies from region to region.

A few weeks back, I ventured towards the Ohio River winding up in Louisville. One of my destinations was/“Hillbilly Tea a reportedly “trendy” destination. Rhoda and I went for a late brunch, hooking up with fellow free-lance writer Jessica Pendergrass of Urban Sacred Garden.

I was hungry. And to be honest, I was a little suspect of a restaurant in the middle of urban sprawl calling itself “Hillbilly” anything.

Scanning the menu, I started to relax – giggle even. Kentucky is not the Deep South. We are the Upper South. We do things different up here than my friends in Oxford.I wonder what the Southern Foodways Alliance gang would say if I professed to enjoying fried sweet corn cakes?

Sweet corn cakes topped with greens, pork belly, and fried egg at Hillbilly Tea in Louisville KY

Hillbilly Tea served the sweet corn cakes with fresh greens, pork belly and a fried egg; I be liking that combination! Coming back to the mountains, I brought the Hillbilly Tea concept to the big red barn using local honey in the batter as a sweetener. Surely my hands will be smacked by the academics, but I don’t care!

Honey makes everything better! Giggles

If you listen closely to my theme song, one of the key lines is “Taking rural back from the urban.” If you get on down to Louisville, check out Hillbilly Tea for brunch. Them city folks think country living and country cooking is trendy and cool. And you know what? So do I.

I’m a hillbilly and I ain’t apologizing. I’m just taking back what was mine to start with! LOL

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