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Tammy's Honey Bourbon Chocolate Pie

Today Friends Drift Inn welcomes Tammy Horn, professor, Kentucky author, and Director of Coal Country Beeworks at Eastern Kentucky University. Tammy and I share a love of honey bees, and the Appalachian Mountains. You’ll be seeing Tammy Horn again; this summer we will be talking with the honey bees. For now, enjoy Tammy’s take on a tradition Kentucky Pie that a certain bakery aggressively defends the trademarked name.

You might have noticed this is Kentucky Derby Week. Do I have to spell it out you?

Like bourbons and fine wines, honey comes in many flavors. “Varietial honey” refers to honey that reflects the blossoms which prompted production. Orange blossom honey is something I use on special occasions, in fact one of my first posts on New Years Day included the citrus syrup.

Guest Post by Tammy Horn Honey Chocolate Walnut Bourbon Pie
“The Kentucky Pie”

Author and beekeeper Tammy Horn

My “take” on “The Pie” was an effort to cut down on refined sugars and use a varietal honey. Varietal honeys have more anti-oxidants than refined sugar and in some cases add a little extra “kick” to traditional recipes.

However, not all honeys are the same. I would not use buckwheat honey on this without trying it with my own family first. Buckwheat has a strong molasses taste that may not agree with people. And I think it would be a shame to waste sourwood honey in this pie because sourwood needs to stand alone. I would be afraid that the chocolate and the bourbon would overpower the sourwood–and sourwood honey is precious!

Orange Blossom honey is mighty versatile and just perfect for this traditional pie. Just when you think you’ve tried them all, something like this honey varietal can add a little something extra.

If folks are preparing a country ham, a nice pairing would be to use a orange blossom glaze: 1/4 cup of orange blossom honey with 1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves.

I have not tried orange blossom mint juleps for the record. LOL

Here’s my idea of “The Pie” usually served at Kentucky Derby Party gatherings. This recipe features Orange Blossom Honey and 92 Blanton’s Bourbon for a unique spin. Happy Kentucky Derby Day!

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Joyce’s notes:One of the articles I am most proud of writing for the Appalachian News Express covers Tammy and Coal Countyr Beeworks. Heres the article  and a video link

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