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Homemade Lemon Soda Recipe inspired by Chef Joel's Italian vacation

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Homemade Lemon Soda; Piping in the Sunshine!

We like funny sayings here in my little corner of Appalachia. During the winter, it takes the sun a long time to reach over the mountains and warm our hollers. Some locations are so far under the mountains shadow “we pipe in our sunshine.” Giggles

Sunshine arrives in Appalachia in unexpected ways and from unexpected sources.

The delivery man brought a package from Arizona; the sender a friend from high school. I could not imagine what would prompt a buddy I have not seen in thirty years to send a gift.

Homemade Lemon Soda Recipe fun anytime of year!

I pulled a pocket knife from my purse (yes I am a redneck girl), and carefully slit the packing tape. The fresh clean scent of lemons was unmistakenable. The bright yellow jewels were plump and inviting. In my fifty some years on this earth, I have never seen or smelled anything so lovely as Sandy’s homegrown backyard lemons!

This month’s Friends Drift Inn television episode takes a jaunt on the Mediterranean, well at least in the culinary sense. One of the most popular drinks in Italy, homemade lemon soda, captures the peak flavors of truly fresh- from- the- tree temptations. What a wonderful way to revel in the citrus sunshine!

Homemade lemon soda lifts the spirits during these gloomy winter days; the addition of mineral water adds reason for giggles. With a cleaner finish than lemonade, consider homemade lemon soda for your easy picnic recipe file.
Cheers….and share the giggles!

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