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Apple Butter, Spring Greens Ham Biscuit

All this week Friends Drift Inn has been featuring items for Kentucky Derby Party. With Derby, Prom, and Mother’s Day this weekend there are alot of folks searching for something new and exciting for brunch. Biscuits and Ham is a traditional Derby item often served at the Governor’s Derby Breakfast. This is a Jazzed up version, inspired by Justin Dean, a Kentucky based chef working in the Greater Cincinnati area. I think everyone has a biscuit recipe, and it’s really silly to detail how to build this sandwich. So here’s a little Kentucky reflections.

Kentucky Derby or Mother’s Day Brunch

Don’t forget Your Momma

Kentucky is a long state the miles from Pikeville to Paducah totaling just less than 350 miles. To put that in perspective, I could be in Atlanta, GA in almost the same amount of miles. There’s a big difference in Kentucky’s regions, the Bluegrass, the Knobs, the Eastern and Western Coalfields, the Purchase, the Pennyrile and all the places in between. Kentucky author, Jesse Stewart said it best.

Kentucky is neither southern, northern, eastern, nor western,
It is the core of America.
If these United States could be called a body,
Kentucky can be called its heart.

This weekend, everybody can love Kentucky and My Old Kentucky Home as we celebrate the 137th Running of the Kentucky Derby. And while we are farmers, bankers, doctors, lawyers, coalminers, horse farmers, scoundrels and heroes we can agree we need not forget Mother’s Day this weekend.

Charlie's breakfast biscuits

For Mother’s Day fix your momma some biscuits with ham, fresh greens, and a big ol’ smear of apple butter. She’ll Love Ya for it!

Mothers’ Day Brunch Recipes

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