Grilled Summer Squash with Basil and Lime Drizzle Recipe

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Zucchini Recipe, grilled and drizzled with basil and lime marinade. Pictured with grilled chicken

The Best Summer Squash for Grilling

Heirloom Squash brings on the Flavors!

There is summer squash and there is Italian summer squash. One of my favorite heirloom zucchinis, the plant has beautiful tropical foliage and produces well over the season. What makes this Italian heirloom summer squash special is the lovely variegated stripes, the texture, and the taste. Sometimes referred to as “Italian marrow” there is a richness of texture and flavor inherit ant to this variety, perhaps due to its firmness and lower water content than say a Black Beauty zucchini. When it comes to green summer squash, this is the only one I grow, maturing about 50 days after sprouting.

Best grilling recipes include Summer Squash with basil and lime drizzle..even Smokey Joe thinks so!

We like Italian summer squash on the grill, because it holds up to the heat without collapsing. I could tell you I am a fancy food stylist and love to take pictures, but that would be a lie. Hey, it’s real life and Smokey Joe just wants to have fun!

For grilling, Charlie makes a basil marinade which we apply liberally to the squash and to grilled chicken too.
Happy Fourth of July!

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