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Green Tomato Preserves inspired by Edna Lewis

Green Tomato Preserves Breakfast Condiment

Heirloom Tomatoes Fresh Idea

At the end of summer, right before the killer frost comes to my garden , we harvest all green tomatoes left on the vines. Some we slice and freeze for fried green tomatoes, some we wrap in newspaper hoping to slowly ripen, and others find their way into recipes.

Heirloom Green Tomatoes in the colandar

This year, I planted Aunt Ruby’s German Greens, an heirloom tomato variety that never EVER turns red. They won’t be ready for harvest for a few weeks, but for those of you growing “green” tomatoes and are looking for a fun recipe…..I think this fits the bill.

I made green tomato preserves last year with a variety of tomatoes we “rescued” from the frost. I like a dollop of green tomato preserves alongside some scrambled eggs and bacon! Green tomato preserves is one of those sweet yet savory concoctions that lends itself well as a condiment; serve on the side of meat courses or as a sweet spread with a cheese course.

The last time I had a group of guests for breakfast, they ate a whole jar of the sweet, yet mildly acidic preserves!

This tomato recipe makes up pretty in the jar, perfect for an “out of the ordinary” hostess gift or for slipping into visitors’ luggage for a reminder of good times spent together.

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