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Three Grapefruit Recipes Spiced and Baked Grapefruits, Candied Grapefruit Peel, and Woodford Reserve Brown Derby Cocktail Recipes

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The snow birds have migrated back to the Kentucky hills for the holidays. They come bearing gifts. Boxes, crates, and baskets of citrus. You can keep the oranges, I want the grapefruits!

When I was a little girl, my momma was and still is one of those artsy folks who thoroughly embraced fresh ingredients. (Yes, she is a granola! There I said it!)

Grapefruit with a sprinkle of organic sugar, served with a spoon that had teeth on the end to break apart the fruit segments was frequently part of my breakfast routine. I enjoyed working through each section, saving the sweet, the bitter, and the bite of acid. My newphew Jake calls the fresh fruity flavor “Extreme.” That’s a good thing…..I think. Giggles

If the snow birds have landed in your home bearing the golden orbs of citrus, well consider it a magical gift. Here’s some ideas if you are citrus challenged.

Honey Baked Grapefruit Recipe

Grapefruit Baked Warm and Spicy

Mom served grapefruit chilled. She was missing out on this breakfast delicacy. I wish I could share internet “smell-a-vision.” Grapefruit combined with Chinese Five Spices makes your morning kitchen fill with the aroma of the holidays! I’m not sure if it’s the cinnamon, star anise, or ginger that makes the aroma so enticing; but the smell of this breakfast entree will awaken even the sleepiest of sleepy heads!

Candied Grapefruit Peel Recipe

Candied Grapefruit Peels for snacking and garnishes

Last year when I was preparing to launch Friends Drift Inn, candied citrus peels were all the rage in the holiday magazines. I vowed I would explore this further, thinking I could do all my own candied fruit for our carefully guarded family fruitcake recipe. Alas! The year is closing, and with all the changes going on and the hustle and bustles of the holiday season my bells are jangled. Giggles But that hasn’t stopped me from making a few of these zippy “candies” for the dessert table. And maybe just maybe you might see them as a garnish in the next recipe. Double Giggles

Brown Derby Cocktail Recipe

Brown Derby Cocktail 2 Grapefruit and Bourbon Fresh

Part of my mission, my objective here at Friends Drift Inn is to introduce you to the different flavors of bourbon. Like wines, Kentucky bourbons each have unique qualities that lend themselves to different food pairing. There are many bourbons that go well with citrus, but for a sure thing grab Woodford Reserve off the shelf. Woodford gives a special warm to citrus, it’s literally a “Marriage Made in Heaven.” I am also fond of Jeremy Ashby’s Bluegrass Sunrise Cocktail Recipe Bourbontini mixed with Woodford, or Makers Mark 46.

Enjoy the holidays with lots of citrus. No it’s not Kentucky local, but it is very much a Kentucky holiday tradition. Bring on the Snow Birds! Giggles

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