Ginger Zucchini Soup with Preserved Lemon Garnish

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Zuchinni or Summer Squash Soup Recipe with Ginger and Lemons

Ginger Adds Snap to Summer Squash – Easy Appetizer Recipe

Culinary experts may argue, but in my humble opinion there is not a huge taste difference between a traditional Black Beauty Zucchini and a Yellow Straight Necked Summer Squash. For this recipe, I use the yellow variety, simply because it is not neccessary to peel them. Green zucchini will work just as well, but be sure to peel them well as their green skin is distracting in the final product.

Yellow Straightneck Summer Squash

I grow lots of summer squash. Charlie jokes we had to buy an extra freezer just for the zucchini. Sure, sure, I’ll be posting the usual zucchini recipes, but I thought this idea was fresh and new.

On dreary winter days, there are two ingredients that bring on sunshine. One of them is preserved lemons the other is ginger. This recipe indulges in both. A great starter soup, this will warm your tummy and lift your spirits.

An unexpected appetizer for your next dinner party serve ginger zucchini soup in a shooter glass garnished with a slicer of preserved lemon or a fresh sprig of lemon balm. Maybe Both! Giggles

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